me with cards -1Let’s keep this simple.

I’ve been working with art & graphics since I could hold a crayola. Those skills got me into Rice University, from which I have 3 degrees – 2 in Architecture and 1 in Art. I worked in architectural offices from 1995 to 2008, when I moved to Mason TX and have been doing freelance work ever since.

I produce quality, balanced, & beautiful building designs.  I am NOT a licensed architect.  My drawings convey a building which can be built, but they are not construction drawings. I’m responsible for your building looking good and working well – your contractor is responsible for it standing up and not leaking.

I’ve created over 40 websites in the last 5 years. All my websites are built on open-source (free) WordPress software so each client can edit their own site once I’m through with the design.

If you want a house design that is uniquely you, or you want a website that truly reflects your company, we should work together.

Give me a call – 210-705-9407